27 10, 2017

Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Holiday Party: Drinks, What to Wear, Entertainment, and More!

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From kegs to casseroles, we’ve got your entire guide covered with all-encompassing holiday party tips. I’m here to help you from prep to clean up for any party at any holiday whether your guest list is crazy college roommates or both sides of the family tree. I’ll tell you what to get, how to prepare, and whether you need to dust your ceiling fans or order more booze. We’ve finally got the holidays figured out.

11 07, 2017

What on Earth Possessed You to Start Writing a Blog?

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It’s inevitable. When you start something new, people always want to know why. Bunch of Nosey Nellies around here. Because I’m not a mom yet, I can’t say because I said so, and that be the end of it. So, without tearing my hair out trying to explain it to you, it was because I was sick of being dumb-shamed.